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Key Publications List

Key publications and professional reports from 2006-2016.  See list below.


Principal Researcher

Dr Marc Rerceretnam (Ph.D. Econ History, Uni of Sydney) has 8 years in NSW Local Government and up to 15 years of professional experience in the university and community sector.

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To discuss a proposal, contact us at, call us on 0426 897 247 or go to our Facebook page 'Yesteryear Heritage Researchers' for more information.

Upcoming Events  

Yesteryear research principal, Marc Rerceretnam Ph.D. will be presenting a Heritage Week lecture for the Inner West Council in Tuesday 2 May 2017 (6.30-8.30pm) at the Inner West Council's Dulwich Hill Library, 362-372 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

TITLE: A history of cycling communities and the ‘Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club’ in Sydney, 1870s-2017’ (by Dr Marc Rerceretnam)

SYNOPSIS: The Dulwich Hill Bicycle Cub has been part of the social fabric of the Inner West since 1908 and not only played a pivotal role in nurturing local sportspersons but acted as an active social network for all youngsters. For a century, the club cultivated a sense of community for many in the area and helped foster a creative and healthy outlet for many youngsters at a time when the Inner West was chock-a-block full of young boys and girls keen for fraternal guidance and healthy outdoor activity.

Australian cycling historian Dr Marc Rerceretnam will speak about his recent academic publications examining the important role cycling clubs like the DHBC played in the Australian social landscape from the 1870s to present day.

TICKET: Available on Eventbrite (TBA)

Consulting and Research Services for You

Yesteryear Heritage Researchers are Sydney-based expert Researchers specialising in general desktop and field research for heritage professionals, national and community organisations, publishers, magazine editors and authors. We also handle event organisation for businesses and individuals.



Yesteryear Researchers are a Sydney-based enterprise specialising in

- detailed historical and general research like report writing

- editorial of journals, magazines and newsletters

- running surveys on a variety of social, economic and political matters

- implement, organisation and overseeing of public events

Our expertise can support legal cases and planning proposals, property redevelopment and restoration schemes, offering services to solicitors,  architects, planning consultants, museums and other heritage professionals.

We also specialise in the not-for-profit community sector with report writing, surveys and analysis. 

We also can collaborate with curators preparing online digital archives and educational resources, and can assist with workshops and talks.

Yesteryear is backed up by Dr Marc Rerceretnam (Econ History, Uni of Sydney) and Dr Merete Bjorkli (Soc Sci, UWS), professionals with Ph.D. qualifications, 8 years in NSW Local Government and up to 15 years of professional experience. 

Go to our Facebook page 'Yesteryear Heritage Researchers' for more information.

Historical research and analysis

We specialise in qualitative and quantitative research on a variety of matters. We can research and analyse a specific project or write a constructive overview of your organisation in a culturally sensitive way.

Community and Not-for-Profit Sector

We specialise in report writing and running surveys on a variety of social, economic and political matters which fit in with your specific needs. Analysis with an empathetic and balanced perspective based on the briefing of the client. Negotiable and highly competitive rates and work done to a deadline.

Over 15 years of experience in report writing, running hardcopy and online surveys, collating and analysing results. Covering issues as diverse as business development in western Sydney, children's protection, community development, political empowerment, colonial government administration, house histories, family trees, transportation analysis and the social history of Australian cycling. See our the key publications list below.

Key Publications

Innovative Manufacturing Networks (IMAN): Potential Industry Clusters in South West Sydney?

2006 - Authored by Prof Cristina Martinez and Dr Marc Rerceretnam, for the University of Western Sydney & Liverpool City Council


Intermarriage in colonial Malaya and Singapore - A case study of late 19th and early 20th century Asian Christian communities’

2012 - Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. Vol. 43, No. 2, June 2012. 


‘Black Europeans, the Indian Coolies and Empire: Colonialisation and christianized Indians in colonial Malaya & Singapore, c. 1870s - c. 1950s'

2011 - Book published by VDM Verlag, Germany.


Intellectual Assets in Urban Regions: UWS in Western Sydney

July 2006 - Prof Cristina Martinez, Dr Marc Rerceretnam and Dr Samantha Sharpe for the University of Western Sydney


Innovation at the Edges: An Exploratory Study of Innovation Drivers in South West Sydney

2005 - Authored by Dr Marc Rerceretnam, Prof Cristina Martinez, Dr Tavis Potts and Merete Bjorkli for WESROC, MACROC & AEGIS, University of Western Sydney.


Under Review: Cycling Communities: Bicycle Clubs in Australia with an emphasis on Sydney, c. 1860s to 2000s.

Dec. 2016 - Authored by Dr Marc Rerceretnam. Article submitted to the Journal of the Royal Australian History Society.


Under Review: An early history of the Hobby Horse and cranked Bicycles in the Australian colonies, 1831 to 1869.

Jan. 2017 - Authored by Dr Marc Rerceretnam. Article submitted to the International Journal of the History of Sport.

Public events

Sydney Classic Bicycle Show (on behalf of the Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club), 2013-2017.

Initiator and primary organiser since 2013. This annual event has become the largest vintage bicycle event in NSW.


International Symposium on Resources and Conflict in the Asia-Pacific Region (Macquarie University), April 2004

On behalf of the Department of Economics, Macquarie University. The conference was organised in association with ‘Economists Allied for Arms Reduction’ and ‘The Ford Foundation’ (2004). In this role I had to deal with the press, invite speakers, coordinate accommodation and programs.


ACWA Best Practice Forums (formerly ACWA Research Forum), Apr 2011-2015

Monthly forums targeting child protection sector capacity building, by presenting research and practice knowledge on key areas. Specific topics were identified at the beginning of the year, and these reflected issues being identified as key sector issues, by member agencies, as well as current relevant research. As a tool for learning and knowledge development of the NGO sector, these sessions are now video recorded to ensure access by members not able to attend in person.


Political Dissent in Southeast Asia, Nov 1997

Initiator and primary organiser of a conference on Political Dissent in South East Asia (University of Technology, Sydney) in November 1997. Focus was mainly on the Singapore government and the state of opposition politics. Liaised with various student, community groups and overseas political entities. Received heavy coverage with Sydney Morning Herald news coverage by Hamish McDonald.


Ashfield Town Centre Revitalisation Project, Jan. 2005-2012

I initiated a project with Ashfield Council staff and chaired the committee which oversaw the social revitalization of the Ashfield Town Centre in conjunction with Macquarie University’s Centre for Research on Social Inclusion from late 2005. This project was run by Macquarie University in cooperation with Ashfield Council’s ‘Local Indigenous and Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Committee’ (LIMEAC) and is funded by the Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC).